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PostSubject: DISCLAIMER. READ.   DISCLAIMER. READ. EmptyMon Apr 06, 2009 7:17 am

Anyone choosing to conduct any sort of transaction with another member on MM does so at their own risk and expense.

As individuals, you need to take responsibility for your own actions, and you need to take responsibility for the fact you are dealing with strangers on the internet. Monster Mods inc. is not a professional Sales service.. and is provided free and without any kind of warranty. We also will not ban people because you claim they ripped you off. Do NOT send the the "evidence" as we simply do not have the time, manpower, or will to follow through on your complaints. We have no intention of mediating any more disputes.

If you are ripped off, the only thing you are allowed to do on MM is to report it in the thread of the seller/buyer/trader ONCE. Alternatively you can make a note in your signature stating your grievance with the user. What you cannot do is spam other MM forums with your complaints. Do not make threads complaining about transaction that have gone bad. Do NOT contact staff complaining that a user has ripped you off. Do NOT make new threads in this or any other MM forum complaining about the "user" that ripped you off.

Monster Mods Does not recommend or endorse the use of the MM BST forums unless you are willing to take responsibility for your own actions, and you assume all risk. We do however recommend that people who wish to assume that risk should research the people they are dealing with, and alternatively search out and use professional Sales forums.(many of which offer the services and customer protection you keep asking us for here on MM but will NOT get here!)

People who continue to ignore the clearly posted rules and post complaints all over the place despite moderators and staff closing and moving them.. expect two things to happen.. the person complaining (and not necessarily the accused) will have their account closed, and that BST will get closed altogether. MM has already dedicated too much time and human resources to maintaining this area of the site. If it continues to be a problem we will close it.

Feel free to LIST your XBOX or XBOX item for Buy, Sell or Trade. others can feel free to offer any number of legal items (under the MM rules of course) or cash in trade. What people cannot do, is start new thread, and offer NON xbox items. Period. No new threads with people offering non-XBOX stuff.

Getestore and Similar “store” / commissioned pre-made store type concepts – No Commission Based Sales. Period. This is pretty much a BST and BST 360 specific rule. Any products offered for sale should be in direct possession by the seller. From now on, and new post in any of the BST sales type forums on MM, must list the products and merchandise in their entirety in the post on MM, or don’t bother posting at all on our site. To be perfectly blunt, MM is not here for you to make money. MM sponsors are the only exception to this rule. The items listed in any sales thread or post on MM, must actually be in the possession of the person(s) listing it for sale or trade. Selling items for a 3rd party business via a commission based "Ready Made Internet Store" does not constitute owning the stock, and will result in a closure of the thread, and possibly the account. We want members to be directly accountable for any actions/tractions they conduct on our site.

Do not start threads asking "what can I get for 5$, 10$ etc" as staff will close them and make a ban on your account. when making a new post, either Offer to sell a product, or trade a product. If you want to buy something.. go into an existing thread and make an offer on a product or service. DO NOT MAKE NEW THREADS ASKING WHAT YOU CAN GET FOR $5 bucks etc.

Do Not Ask, or Offer to buy, Sell or Trade GameFly Subscriptions. People wanting a subscription can get their own.

MM will not DELETE threads on demand. Even in light of the Raids on US shops. You can request it be removed/made invisible, however, we will keep it open for 30 days if you do so, allowing those you have serviced can comment, communicate, and / or complain or raise issues. We can make some requested edits though of info you posted, however, we will keep it on file. Note, deleting or removing your thread at this point is too little, too late. the authorities have that info already, and worse, every search engine and spider crawler on the net has it archived.
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