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 Change your Wii's drive LEDs

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PostSubject: Change your Wii's drive LEDs   Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:47 am

Here is my tutorial on changing the LEDs for the drive light. (Click pics for large 1024x768)

-Soldering Iron
-2 SMD LEDs of your choice(I used 2 0603 Red LEDs)
-Tri-Wing Driver
-Small flat head screwdriver(or something like that to pry something)
-Electric tape*
-Solder Clip*


Step 1 - Removing the Face
I forgot to take pics of the removal of the face, but on the left side under the 2 white stickers are 2 black tri-wing screw. Remove them. If I remember correctly that should be all you need to take off the face. Smile Simple right? Here is what we are working with:

Step 2 - Getting to the LEDs
What you wanna do after you remove the face is take out the slot, LED chips, and plexi. Start by undoing the wire from the face(this is an easy one!)

Then use your pry device to pry off the work area. First insert the device into the cutout closet to the wire you just removed. Gentle pry upwards. Then do the same to the middle cut out. This is all it took to remove the piece for me.

And there you have it!

Now remove the plexi, this is what creates the all around effect of light.

Here are the LEDs to be replaced(this was before I removed the plexi)

Step 3 - Remove the Chips from the plastic.
This step is a precaution so you don't melt the plastic by accident. First look at the wire, and remember it's path.

This is another precaution, tape the wires down to the board. The solder joints seem very weak and I had one break on me. I suggest taping them down, and removing the tape when the mod is complete. If one or two happens to break then just resolder it and tape it.

Step 4 - Replacing the LEDs
I don't have pictures on doing this, but this is my method. Tin your iron with a little solder, then heat one side of the LED then the other. Do this a few times quickly and you should be able to slide the LED right off, using the iron of course. Here is the end result:

Sparkle sparkle!!

Ok, now get out your LEDs. To give you an idea of how small these things are hee you go:

Ok, here's where it gets a little tricky. See the white rectangle aroung the LED's solder pads? Well the thicker line indicates the Negative pole. Also the old LEDs were 90°s. This means that you will have to solder the LED down on it's side. First place the LED inbetween the solder pads(if your LED is small like mine). Then turn it using twezzers.

Using a solder clip clip it into place.

Repeat this on the other side and your done! Close it back up, following my directions backwards and light that baby up!

Step 5 - Enjoy!

Mod on!

**I, Mike Collins, am not responsible for any mistakes, mess-ups, or whatever that may damage your Wii in anyway. Nor does any site that posts this. I give permission to distribute this as long as credit is given.**

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Change your Wii's drive LEDs
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