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 How to frost plexi glass

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PostSubject: How to frost plexi glass   Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:45 pm

so here is how to engrave that plain piece of plexi glass you have, and make it cool (even cooler if you have leds inside your 360...which you should have if your putting a window in there.)

Step 1: Get a piece of plexi glass if you havn't already... the piece I'm using is an old piece I had laying around and it now has a great purpose! Education! Wink

Step 2: Measure out what your are going to use, for this tut I'm just doing a simple 9x9" square.

Step 3: This step is optional but I like to do it just for reference. Tape down a strip of painters tape along the border of the piece of plexi your using.

Step 4: Using an exacto knife, and following the borders you created. Cut the square of plastic protector out and peel off. Use a strong straight edge like a old useless peice of plexi glass or a metal ruler for a good cut.
NOTE: Your don't have to push really hard for this, its just a very thin plastic protector your cutting.

Step 5: With the plastic removed start to lay down strips of painters tape.
NOTE: Try to keep the tape really smooth, the less creases the better, none would be preferred. Also overlap the tape about a 1/2" or so, it just makes your life easier.

Keep putting tape on untill you fill the area your working with.

Step 6: With your area taped up print off or cut out the design you wish to have on your plexi glass.
MAJOR NOTE: I almost found this out the hard way (I wasn't thinking) If your have a design that has text or needs to be a certain direction, you'll want to print off a mirror image of the cutout because what you sand down in the end, or frost (we will get to that later) will be on the inside of the case.

Llamma design in photo is courtesy of

Step 7: Tape down your design on the painters tape you put on the plexi glass.

Step 8: Starting at a place of your choice, start to cut out your design. You might want to put a little bit of pressure on the knife because you have to cut through the paper and tape, and a little pressure helps make slower, more accurate cuts. You should take your time on this part. I like to cut out big areas as i work just to reduce clutter, and reduce accidental tearing of the paper.

Almost there

And we are done

Step 9: Carefully tear off the paper that is left on the work, try not to peel up the tape you put down on the plexi. When you get that off start at a corner or somewhere on the edge of what you just cut out of the tape. It's pretty easy to get your knife under the tape and peel it up a little bit so you can grab it. Peel off the tape slowly so you don't tear the tape.

AND WABAM you have yourself a nice cutout on the plexi you can work with!

Now there are two steps to getting that nice new cutout filled in so it has a frosted look and the leds have something to reflect onto.

Sanding: Using a fine grit sand paper, start sanding away, but be careful around the edges, you have to really get in there because the sandpaper can't get right up the edge. This method is best used if you have a very big and open cutout (like this llamma)

Finished product with tape removed

Window Frosting: Basically this is just spray paint that gives whatever you spray with it a very nice frosted look, most commonly you spray windows on bathrooms or entryway door windows with this stuff. This is by far the best finish for a project like this. If you have a very detailed, or small cut this is actually the preferred and easiest method to get that frosted look.

These are three windows that I worked on after making this tut, all three are done using the frosting spray.

Again, if you take your time, this is a great looking mod you can do without having to cut your 360 up with a fancy design. Just cut a rectangle or circle even, and let your plexi glass do the talkin.
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How to frost plexi glass
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