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PostSubject: My list   My list EmptyThu Dec 03, 2009 8:39 am

I have been a community manager for many sites/companies. There are a few basic things that every community needs to have and needs to grow.

1. Free forum software is fine but it isn't very professional and just like as one should dress for the job they want to have not the one they DO have, you should appear to be what you want to be in the future. A good looking site will not bring people to your site but it will keep them on your site. Key things are basic font, no overdoing the dark colors. In this particular situation I would get vbulletin (I have a license that I'm not using valued at 80-120 that I would trade for just about anything and a license for subdreamer that is also rather expensive that I don't use anymore if you guys are interested - I would even install it and skin it for you if you like). Get a blue and white or green and white skin or even premade xbox skin that you could buy for around #35 USD. The more professional you are perceived to be the more people will be willing to spend time and money on your site. This is all basic stuff that any site that wishes to be profitable needs to undergo. There is also added security which due to the red message seems to be important right now.

2. All of the modders here NEED to make youtube videos and record them and spend the whole video talking about - you may not think it but I once ran a computer building company entirely off of youtube videos and I had 3 jobs a week making 600-800 profit off of each machine. If you show people that you know what you are doing and are willing to sell your services people will flock to the site.

3. EVERY mod you do should be documented and post it on other modding sites and ask them to come to your community here - allow people to becme certified modders by doing jobs and getting good reviews (ohh and a board to review other people's work that isn't moderated would be nice if that doesn't already exist).

4. I always liked an introductions board at the very top of the forums (under news of course) where people can welcome new members and new members can tell why they are here and be directed to where they should go next.

5. Have a staff member who has the job of growing the community no matter what it takes - videos, videos, posting on other sites constantly, PMing other modders, getting your site advertised on sites like gaming-access that sell modding supplies, posting,,

6. MAKE AN EBAY AUCTION - Make it .01 buy it now so it will cost you nothing and just put in it "Want to learn how to mod your xbox or have someone do it for you? Vistit and we will help you! OR Message me and I will quote you on a job blah blah blah".

That's my rant for the day
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My list
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