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 Upgrade to the 250 GB HDD for only $70USD

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PostSubject: Upgrade to the 250 GB HDD for only $70USD   Thu Dec 10, 2009 5:57 pm

Pretty much it follows the exact methods for upgrading to the 120gb hdd. The HDD for the 250 is a Western Digital Scropio Black WD2500BJKT (The HDD @ Amazon). Bin files can be downloaded from XBOX360_250gb_hddss.rar.

All Credit goes to Cubesteak @

heres a quick tut that was also posted (credit to wabashman)

1) make a bootable usb stick and put on the 250 hddss.bin file, and hddhackr 1.22. (rename the .bin file to hddss).
2) shut down PC and unhoook all dvd/HDs and put in the new 250 sata drive.
3) boot PC off of USB stick
4) at command prompt type in hddhackr.exe
5) let it go through all the available sata ports and it should find the WD 2500 drive and list it.
6) select the corresponding number for it (mine was 7)
7) type in "f"
Cool type in hddss
9) it should give you a new screen now
10)say yes to make the backup and name it undo.bin
11) it should ask if you want to create the 0/2/3 partitions. say yes
12) let it do its thing, and then it start flashing saying shut down computer, wait 10 seconds to restart, changes to FW will take effect after the restart.
13) shut down computer, unhook drive, hook old drives back up and finish your day.

putting old files onto new drive:
i have NOT done this yet, but this is what i have gathered from reading around and talking to other members. but one thing is for sure DO NOT USE ANY VERSION OTHER THAN THE HACKED XPLORER360 ON THE 250 GB HD, OR YOU WILL MESS IT UP.

1) if you have the 20 or 120 gig HD, get one of the original xplorer360 files, if you have a 60 gig HD, get the xport360. also get the hacked version of xplorer360 for 250 GB hds.
2)hook of the HDs to your computer and boot into windows (from what i've seen XP works the best, but vista will work as well).
3) open up xplorer360 and click on file, open, disk drive/mem unit
4) navigate to partition 3 and find your profile, should be something like E0000 file i believe if i remember correctly.
5) extract that to the desktop
6) you can do the same for other files if you wish i believe.
7) open up the hacked version for the 250 GB HD. navigate to partition 3, and drop your profile from the desktop into the hacked xplorer360. do the same with other files as well.
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Upgrade to the 250 GB HDD for only $70USD
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