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 -TUT- Benq Drive Dissasembly

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PostSubject: -TUT- Benq Drive Dissasembly   Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:09 am

I was looking around and couldn't find a tutorial on here for this so I made one cheers

First off take the drive and flip it over. Then unscrew the 4 circled screws and cut the warranty sticker.

Then take off the bottom.

Next take off the top.

Next push on the things marked in blue and take the ribbon out carefully the one on the bottom I decided to take off from the front.

This is where I took off my bottom ribbon

It should look like this.

Now unsolder the points marked in red.

And there you have it, now do whatever you need to do. Also make sure you mark you wires while desoldering them I recommend using letters and mark the new one too.
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-TUT- Benq Drive Dissasembly
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