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 Determining which DVD drive is for my MOBO

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Determining which DVD drive is for my MOBO Empty
PostSubject: Determining which DVD drive is for my MOBO   Determining which DVD drive is for my MOBO EmptySat Jan 23, 2010 12:41 pm

Hey, I refurbish 360s for a hobby, and I\'ve hit an issue that I\'m hoping someone can help me with. I bought a used 360 from the local want ads, and when I took it home the only issue was that it wouldn\'t read disks. I opened it up and tested it, and the disk wouldn\'t spin. So I took an extra motor I had from an old drive with a crashed MOBO, replaced it and threw it back in. That got the disk spinning just fine, but now the laser wouldn\'t read it. It would start to move and before it went a whole inch, it reset to the beginning and tried again. Rinse and repeat. I replaced the laser as well, and the new laser behaved in the same way. Is there a repair for this anyone can tell me about? My suspicion is that the previous owner replaced the drive without swapping PCBs, but I\'m not sure. Is there any way to tell what the stock drive is SUPPOSED to be?

Thank you for reading and I\'d vastly appreciate any help.
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Determining which DVD drive is for my MOBO
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