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 Changing xbox 360 dvd drive from samsung to benq

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PostSubject: Changing xbox 360 dvd drive from samsung to benq   Fri May 14, 2010 3:10 am

Hi. my xbox has a samsung dvd drive in it but it is very unreliable and thinks games are dvds most of the time. i have gotten a benq drive from a friend's broken xbox. the benq drive is toataly unmodded the only firmware updates its had would be the official one from xbox live so its basicly still all stock i think.

what do i need to do to install it correctly as i realy have no idea what to do. i dont want it to play burnt games i just wana replace the hardware basicly for something that works. i dont wana do anything illegal that could get me banned from xbox live

help please
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Changing xbox 360 dvd drive from samsung to benq
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