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Xbox Version : V3.5 (Jasper)
Number of posts : 179
Age : 28
Location : Virginia Beach, VA
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Registration date : 2009-03-08

PostSubject: READ HERE! IMPORTANT TOPIC.   Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:56 pm

as you can see, as of now this is a very small community as it was just recently started. your probably just going to leave as soon as you get here because it seems empty..but i will be checking all the forums daily so if you have a question or something, post it!!! I will definitely answer it. and i don't want to sound like every other admin, but please register and visit daily. getting this forum on a roll is just what it needs. a good solid member base, and then we can start branching out. this is the hardest part, so please help out and make this a great community one day.

Thank you!

-admin king

UPDATE 4/7/09 - WE are not associated with team llama at all. Please do not carry complaint or issues over there.

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Xbox Version : 6 Falcons, 2 Xenons, A Jasper, 2 Opus, 3 Zypher
Number of posts : 265
Age : 24
Location : New York, USA
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Registration date : 2009-04-06

PostSubject: Basic Rules   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:48 am

1. RESPECT!! This is basic follow the golden rule.
2. Keep it legal, no mod chips, no illegal flashing (Allowing burned games), Flashing in order to only use a different drive is allowed.
3. Keep B/S/T to the B/S/T thread.
5. Please, if you are registered on llamma, use the same screen name. This just makes things simpler.

These rules may be changed and added to.

added to main rules!. -admin.
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