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 When Posting a Game for sale.....

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When Posting a Game for sale..... Empty
PostSubject: When Posting a Game for sale.....   When Posting a Game for sale..... EmptyThu May 14, 2009 11:44 am

SPECIAL GAMES BST RULES: when posting a game for sale, a photograph of the back side of the disc must be shown for legitimate sales and legal issues. In the photograph there must be something indicating your forum name and monster mods, as to assure it is a legitimate picture of your disc. Feel free to use a sticky note or piece of paper, anything will do. Watermarks and after-photo effects do not satisfy this as to the fact that they could be added to a foreign picture.

IF you do not do this you will receive a warning from the moderators or I, failure to do so after wards will result in your thread being deleted, a 2 day ban (to the moderators discretion depending upon previous offenses), and your privileges of posting in the BST forums revoked for a pre-determined amount of time. If you have not logged on 4 days after we have warned you we will temporarily freeze your message and alert you via pm and email. After you have returned your sale will be un-frozen.
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When Posting a Game for sale.....
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