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 Howbout a TV power supply anyone?

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Howbout a TV power supply anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Howbout a TV power supply anyone?   Howbout a TV power supply anyone? EmptyTue Oct 13, 2009 9:15 am

So I picked up this POS Tatung LCD, 27" and figured I will use it as another shop display. Here is the problem though, the power supply is blown. Its a 24 & 5V, and I cannot seem to find why its missing 5V. New power board is around 75 bucks, but I really don't feel like paying that much. I have replaced all the big electrolytic caps on the board since some looked pregnant, and that's how I got the 24V back.

The model number is HOAU242001(A), The Part number is 6693006610. the TV model is V27DMBX. It is sold as Tatung, Polaroid, Sansui, Ilo and several other names in Europe.

Does anyone here have any experience working on a line cardtype of a power supply?

The problem is that if it was just a matter of 24 &5V, I would have it up and running on an external power supply, but this thing has a tuner card that plugs into the side and passes through the linecard to the mobo. I cannot find a schematic for this thing. There is one from Polaroid floating around but its useless.

I figured I will give it a shot here and see if anyone would be interested in looking at it, perhaps I could pay you or trade you something for it. Got Xboxes and
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Howbout a TV power supply anyone?
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